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Montgomery County Animal Care and Control Closed Due to Water Outage

August 28, 2023 - MoCo Gov.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Tenn. – Montgomery County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) will be closed to the public today due to a water main that ruptured on Riverside Drive and Spring Street near the shelter. MCACC has been without water service since early this morning. The estimated time of restoration is unknown. The plan is to reopen to the public on Tuesday, August 29 at 10 a.m. If the water is not working by tomorrow morning, an update will be shared.

For information about adoptable pets and volunteer opportunities available at the shelter, visit

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Veterans Treatment Court Going Strong in Montgomery County

August 23, 2023 - MoCo Gov.

 MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Tenn. – On August 22, in its 11th year and second Phase V Ceremony of 2023, Montgomery County Veterans Treatment Court continues to be an impactful program in the lives of active duty military and veterans. Fifteen veterans and active-duty soldiers celebrated the completion of the Phase V Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) Program in a room full of family, friends, and supporters including the VTC Team, VTC mentors, and VTC participants in the earlier phases of the program.  

During the ceremony, each participant shared stories about their experience with VTC and regularly addressed and encouraged the participants currently in the program. Though they varied in age, appearance, and military status, those who completed today’s Phase V Ceremony all said they used alcohol to mask a variety of emotions and trauma.

One active duty soldier expressed gratitude for Fort Campbell's support and encouragement of the program. A young man, who read Psalm 23, described how alcohol imprisoned him in hellish depression, but that his relationship with God now provided everything he needed. According to another man, he had been living in a constant haze for years, describing how alcohol made nothing better, but only worse. A female veteran explained how drinking became a normal method of drowning sorrows and triggers. Being sober and clean with trauma can be done emphasized a male veteran who explained that life without alcohol was a new beginning. A second female veteran stated that the DUI experience was the most humiliating and humbling moment of her life but also saved her from alcohol, saying it was a turning point after hitting rock bottom. Another veteran who described his traumatic childhood shared how grateful he was that he did not hurt anyone from his DUI. Regardless of the speaker, there was a connection between their stories of overcoming alcohol and their gratitude for everyone involved in the VTC program.

Judge Kenneth Goble, who brought the program to Montgomery County and serves as the VTC judge said, “It takes a lot to lay your heart out on the line like this. I am proud of them. I’d also like to thank all of the attorneys who bring people to VTC because they realize it’s the best opportunity for their clients.”

Director of the Veterans Treatment Court Edward Moss added, “You are all special and important. Think about all the good you are going to do in life.” 

Moss recognized Clarksville Police Chief David Crockarell, County Sheriff John Fuson, and the VTC volunteer mentors for their continued support. 

The following 15 participants were recognized at the ceremony: Francesca Applewhite, Robert Avery, Shedrick Bables, Diana Baer, Gerald Black, Justice Bowyer, Luke Chowning, Hunter Crum, jii Espinosa, David Garcia, Daniel Haley, Timothy Hamric, Katy Hartsgrove, Kayla Marmolejo, and Jessica Roberts.

The Montgomery County VTC serves those who willingly sacrificed for our country and find themselves involved in the criminal justice system by providing needed treatment and services under judicial supervision to restore veterans to their positive status within our community. Info on the Montgomery County VTC Program can be found at


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Montgomery County Zip Code has Highest Number of VA PACT Act Related Payments in the United States

August 16, 2023 - MoCo Gov.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Tenn. – Last week, VA announced that the 37042 zip code leads the nation in Veteran PACT Act-related compensation benefits since the PACT Act became law in August 2022. Montgomery County has 33,670 veterans in the community, according to, ranking 109th for total population and 19th for veteran percentage.

Since the PACT Act was enacted, the VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System, in partnership with Montgomery County Veterans Service Organization (MCVSO), has hosted two VetFest events to inform and sign up eligible Veterans for benefits. The latest was last week at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center where more than 700 Veterans were served. The first event took place in April 2023 at the William O. Beach Civic Hall when approximately 400 Veterans were in attendance. 

Montgomery County Director of Continuous Improvement Andrew Kester who formerly served as VSO Director stated, “Due to our success in reaching our Veterans, the VHA and VBA directors want to use the Clarksville, Montgomery County model to help other communities grow their numbers. This is a testimony to the support we’ve received from our community leaders and the collaborative efforts of veteran organizations like the Montgomery County Veterans Coalition, Austin Peay State University’s Newton Family Center, and Operation Stand Down.” 

“The importance of what Andrew Kester and the VSO team do for our community cannot be overstated. We are so grateful to have a team who wants the best for our military veterans and their families,” said Montgomery County Mayor Wes Golden.

Kester added, “VSO has grown from one part-time volunteer in 1944 to a 10-member team. Veterans contribute to our workforce, diversity, and economic vitality. In 2022 alone, more than $560 million dollars was brought into Montgomery County through veteran's benefits.”

For additional information and resources on the PACT Act, visit Information on the Montgomery County VSO can be found at 

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Sergeant Major (Ret) Selected as Next Director of the Montgomery County Veterans Service Organization

August 15, 2023 - MoCo Gov.

Montgomery County, TN – Sergeant Major (Ret) Hector Santos was welcomed by Montgomery County Commissioners and County leaders as the new Director of the Montgomery County Veterans Service Organization at the August 14 Formal Commission meeting.

Sergeant Major Hector Santos retired from the United State Army on February 28, 2018, after serving 34 years, culminating with a four-year assignment as Inspector General United States Army, Military District of Washington, Washington D.C.

After retirement, Santos worked for the USO Pathfinder Program and the Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program helping fellow service members transitioning out of the military and into civilian life. He currently serves as the Military Affiliated Career Specialist, Military and Veterans Affairs Division at Austin Peay State University. 

Santos holds a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts from Excelsior College and is a published photographer and writer.

“The interview with Hector was the best interview I’ve ever held. VSO is a vital resource for the military Veteran community so it needs an excellent leader. We knew we had big shoes to fill, and we feel strongly that we made the right decision by hiring Hector,” said Mayor Golden.

“I’m looking forward to working with the professionals in the Montgomery County VSO. They have made great strides for our Veterans over the years, and I will work to carry on their outstanding reputation locally and nationally. I believe every day is a new opportunity to help those who have sacrificed so much in defense of our freedom,” said Santos.

Santos and his wife of 31 years, Rebecca, moved to Montgomery County in 2017. Their son Kaden is a student at Tennessee Tech University. The other Santos family members include their Alaskan Malamute Artemis and Siberian Husky Fives. Santos enjoys spending time with family and is a self-proclaimed Disney Fanatic.

Santos will begin serving as the Director of VSO on October 2. He will replace Andrew Kester, who is now serving in the capacity of Director of Continuous Improvement.

For information about Montgomery County VSO, visit


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Montgomery County Students Attend Youth About Business Camp

August 02, 2023 - MoCo Gov.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Tenn. – Eight local Clarksville-Montgomery County High School students recently represented Montgomery County in a residential Youth About Business camp at Vanderbilt University. The students were Kendal Baynham, Maria Prieto Cubillan, Juan Garcia, Anijah Hatten, Nicholas Hohenstein, Dev Shah, Lance Soberano, and Adam Stover. 

As part of Youth About Business's camp this year, participants were challenged to develop a pitch related to handling increasing solid waste despite decreasing landfill space. Each year the camp challenges high school youth with timely topics that affect Tennessee counties and requires them to come up with business solutions. During the camp, students gained access to business mentors and industry experts including accountants, attorneys, investment bankers, and marketing specialists who helped them understand complex business transactions. 

Each group developed visual presentations, financial strategies, and tactical methods to address our current solid waste problems and set up a more sustainable future. Students were partnered with well-known business corporations such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft to strengthen their initiatives and utilize technological advancements to elevate their projects to the next level. 

The week-long camp ended last Friday when the judges concluded that the winning idea was to create software called V.I.G.I.L. linked to cameras at landfills and solid waste facilities. This software would utilize thermal energy to detect lithium batteries, significantly reduce landfill damage, ensure employee safety, and notify supervisors of incoming materials.

“I was presented with the Youth About Business opportunity for students in late spring during a Greater Nashville Regional Council meeting. I accepted the challenge because I knew it could benefit our community and students. We had outstanding participation from students and our friends at Bi-County Solid Waste Management were 100% supportive,” said Montgomery County Mayor Wes Golden.

"I watched the students give their presentations. They clearly showed that students worked hard to quickly learn about the solid waste industry, and put their new knowledge to work with innovative solid waste ideas. It was refreshing to hear their ideas and see the thought processes to support them," said Bi-County Assistant Director of Administration and Education Mary Anderson. 

Montgomery County students Maria Prieto Cubillan, Nicholas Hohenstein, and Dev Shah who were part of the group selected for the best presentation and plan, flew to New York City less than one week after presenting in Nashville. On July 28, they joined peers from around the United States at the national summit in New York City. During the event, they competed against other teams to develop business plans for fitness centers. The Tennessee delegation's presentation was not selected as the final project, but the experience was unforgettable.

Youth About Business has over 25 years of experience in creating opportunities for high school students from all backgrounds to learn about the business world in a stimulating and interactive environment. According to their website, they have prepared over 8,000 students for college and career success.

Thank you to the students for presenting innovative ideas to reduce landfill waste. Students can carry the connections they made, the experiences they gained, and the business practices they learned throughout their lives.

Visit to learn more about Youth About Business opportunities.

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Pictured Left to right in the group photo are Montgomery County students Lance Soberano, Kendal Baynham, Juan Garcia, Maria Prieto Cubillan, Nicholas Hohenstein, Adam Stover, Dev Shah, and Anijah Hatten.