Stormwater Maintenance Contractors

About This List:

This list contains the contact information for contractors qualified to install and perform maintenance on stormwater control measures/best management practices.

Please Note:

  • The contractors on the list are not associated with Montgomery County.
  • Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement by Montgomery County. Montgomery County does not take responsibility for, or guarantee the work performed by these contractors.

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All Points Development

SCM/BPM Maintenance

John Cofer

All Source Maintenance Solutions

Level 1 Erosion Control, SCM/BMP Inspection and Maintenance and Property Maintenance

Marvin Francis

Apex Company

SCM/BPM Maintenance

I specialize in inspections, repairs/modifications, & reporting. We also have a group that can provide design & new install stormwater systems & BMPs.

Stephen Polzella

Atlas Technical

SCM/BPM Maintenance

Todd Beasley

Badger Infrastructure Solutions

SCM/BPM Maintenance

Logan Schneider

Evergreen Site Solutions

EverGreen provides a turnkey approach to stormwater permit compliance for our customers. We provide maintenance and inspection of stormwater features under the supervision of a licensed engineer. All activities are documented and compiled in a professional report bearing an engineers seal and submitted on behalf of the customer to the regulatory agency. We get our customers back into compliance, but then we assist them in staying there through regular inspection and maintenance visits, as well.

Van Oldham 


SCM/BPM Maintenance

Dave McLaughlin

Iron Eagle Environmental Services

SCM/BPM Maintenance

Loren Gerhardt

Northstar Environmental Group

SCM/BPM Maintenance

Jake Ingold

Onsite Environmental Services

SCM/BPM Maintenance

Louie Wilson

Opterra Solutions

Post construction maintenance, repair, and inspection. Slope mowing, mulching, sediment removal, underground camera surveys, erosion repair, sinkholes, structure repairs, ponds holding water, and washout repairs.

Eric Ricker

Russell Landscape Group

SCM Inspection, Brush Cutting, Tree Removal, Sediment Removal, Dry Pond Maintenance, Wet Pond Maintenance, Bio-Retention Maintenance, Mulching, Water Quality Unit Cleaning

Nathan Cox

South Cheatham Excavating

SCM/BPM Maintenance

Daniel Bolton

Spectrum Environmental

SCM/BPM Maintenance

Daniel Abbott

Tennessee Stormwater Company

All Forms of SCM/BMP Maintenance: we specialize in bringing older stormwater structures back into compliance and keeping them compliant with ongoing maintenance plans

Willie Dorman

TPM Group

SCM/BPM Maintenance

Ron Waterbury

Trax Contracting Group

Bioretention, Dry ponds, Retention basins, Wet Ponds, Swells, Manufactured-proprietary treatment devices, Water quality units, and Inlet/outflow control. These include both construction and maintenance of the SCM.

Jeremy Rogers