Contact Info.

Facilities & Maintenance
350 Pageant Lane
Suite 201
Clarksville, TN 37040

Phone: 931-648-5765 ext. 20101
Email: [email protected]

Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Facilities & Maintenance strives to provide professional, technical and non-technical support and services to employees and visitors to create and maintain a comfortable, safe and functional environment. We manage the County’s physical assets through efficient utilization of available resources to ensure that the County can fulfill its mission of becoming the best in providing services to our employees and the public.

Vision Statement

To provide and maintain a beautiful, clean, safe and healthy environment that is maintained at required standards mechanically, electrically and structurally for the use and enjoyment of the employees and public in support of the County’s mission of becoming the best in providing services to our employees and the public.

Issue Statements

  • The population of Montgomery County will continue to grow, increasing the demand on services provided by the County Government. The increased use of facilities will bring additional wear and maintenance needs.
  • Increased population will also necessitate the acquisition of additional space for these services.
  • We live in a world with finite resources. The efficient management and utilization of these resources will become more desirous as costs continue to rise.

Goal Statements

  • To track work orders placed by our customers and complete them within the appropriate time
  • To provide more services to the County while keeping the funding to the department at a flat rate
  • To provide and encourage the utilization of recycling at all County facilities
  • To reduce overall electrical consumption by 10%
  • To incorporate ‘green’ building principles into all renovations / new construction
  • To become a leader in technology and innovation within local government
  • To effectively leverage grant money to complete projects of high priority and of public significance

Program Structure

  • Building and Facilities Maintenance
  • Building and Facilities Development