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Circuit Court Rules – Proposed New Rules Effective Dec 1, 2013

This letter is being transmitted to you both by U.S. Mail and electronically.  You will find as an attachment to the electronic version new proposed Local Rules of Practice for the Circuit Court for the 19th Judicial District.  These proposed rules are to become effective December 1, 2013.   The Chancery Court for the 19th District has developed its own local rules which are not affected by the proposed changes.

Through this means of communication, I am asking that the proposed rules be posted on the AOC and Montgomery County Circuit Court web sites; that both the Montgomery County and Robertson County Bar Association forward the rules in electronic format to all their respective members; that both the Montgomery County and Robertson County Circuit Court Clerks post a copy of the proposed rules changes in their respective offices and make copies available to the public upon request; and that the Leaf Chronicle and Robertson County Times give appropriate publicity to this endeavor.

The Local Rules for the Circuit Court in the 19th District were last revised in 2004.  As presiding judge, I asked the two local bar associations to select members for a committee to review the local rules.  I asked Judge Gasaway to work with a subcommittee reviewing the rules pertaining to criminal court and I worked with a subcommittee on rules pertaining to civil and domestic relations matters.  The committees were formed in late May and began meeting in June.  The subcommittee working on the criminal rules has determined that no changes in those rules are necessary.  However, a number of changes have been suggested for the rules pertaining to civil matters and domestic relations matters.  I have attached as a separate page a brief discussion of specific proposed changes for those who are interested.

The Circuit Court Judges solicit public input with regard to the proposed rules.  We particularly encourage members of the bar who regularly practice in the Circuit Court of the 19th District to share comments concerning the proposed rules.  All comments should be submitted to the following address and received not later than 3 p.m. Central Daylight Time on Monday, September 30, 2013.  Comments may be made by mail to: Judge Ross H. Hicks, Two Millennium Plaza, Suite 454, Clarksville, TN 37040, or electronically to [email protected].  The proposed rules are available after September 1st at /court or or at the Montgomery County or Robertson County Circuit Court Clerk’s offices.

After the comment period expires, the judges will schedule meetings with both local bar associations sometime during the month of October at which the proposed rules changes will be discussed in detail and further comments will be received.  Thereafter, the three Circuit Judges will make revisions they deem appropriate based on the comments received and a final version of the rules will be issued.  Those rules will become effective December 1, 2013.

Your help in making the bar and general public aware of this process is requested and will be greatly appreciated.


Local Rules

Local Rules Brief Changes