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Tax Rates

Sales Tax:

  • Local Option Sales Tax: 2.5% (100% of this goes to Schools)
  • State sales tax on unprepared foods and food ingredients: 6% (total rate 8.5%)
  • State sales tax on all other tangible personal property unless specifically exempted: 7% (total rate 9.5%)

The local option sales tax is collected on the first $1,600 of the sales price of a single article. Effective July 15, 2002, a state single article sales or use tax of 2.75% (in addition to the regular 7% state sales tax) is levied on the amount of a single article in excess of $1,600 and less than or equal to $3,200.

Payroll Tax: -0- (Tennessee has no tax on payrolls or earned income. The individual income tax, often called the Hall tax, is imposed only on individuals and other entities receiving interest from bonds and notes and dividends from stock above certain exemption levels.)

Property Tax: (payable to the County Trustee at Veteran's Plaza, 350 Pageant Ln. 37040, or you may call (931) 648-5717) Montgomery County property tax: $2.99 per $100 of assessed value distributed as:

County General Fund $1.24
General Road Fund .11
General Purpose School Fund .63
Debt Service .84
Capital Projects .3136
School Transportation Fund .055

Assessed value is a percentage of appraised market value; the fraction depends on the type and use of the property.

Residential 25%
Commercial 40%
Industrial 40%
Personal 30%
Farm 25%
Public Utilities  55%

Contact the Assessor's Office for questions on property classification and assessment values at (931) 648-5709 or in person at Veteran's Plaza, 350 Pageant Ln. 37040.

City of Clarksville property tax: $1.0296 per $100 of assessed value (total rate in city limits: $4.0196). Contact the city's Finance & Revenue Department at (931) 645-7437 for the most up-to-date information.

Wheel Tax: $49.00, (Collected by the County Clerk at 350 Pageant Ln., 37040, or you may call (931) 648-5711.) 100% of this goes to Schools.

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