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Owner Surrender Information

Owner Surrender Information

Owner Surrenders are by appointment only.  Please call (931) 658-5750 to schedule an appointment or obtain information on rehoming or retaining ownership of your pet.  

Greetings, we understand here at MCACC that the decision to surrender your pet is not always the easiest choice to make and is often met with guilt, frustration and indecision.  At MCACC we always want to be able to see pets stay in their homes and with their owners.  The shelter environment is extremely difficult on animals, the noise, strange smells, strange dogs and cats, it all takes a toll on an animal’s behavior.  Pet owners also need to understand that once you surrender your pet, its future is uncertain.  We cannot always guarantee that an animal will be adopted, find a rescue, or forever home.  Sometimes a pet may have been a great pet in your family, however, due to its rapid change in environment, its behavior changes, it becomes depressed, aggressive, or its health declines rapidly.  All of these play a factor in our staff being able to place your pet.  As hard as it may be, if you absolutely must surrender your pet, we strongly encourage pet owners to please contact our shelter and work with us by keeping your pet until we can locate a rescue or forever home for your pet and keep it from entering our shelter all together  .

We ask all pet owners who are making this hard decision to use the resources we have provided here and at the shelter to try to find a means to either retain ownership of your pet or find a new loving home for your pet.  You will feel much better about your decision if you know your friend is going to a good home.  Please follow the links below for more information on rehoming your pet or locating an available resuce.  

Owner Surrender Informational Packet

Owner Surrender Rescue Contacts

*Owner Surrender Fee’s

By Appointment Only

Dog Owner Surrender


Puppy Under 4 Months


Cat Owner Surrender


Kittens Under 4 Months


Each Additional Puppy/Kitten Under 3 Months


Each Additional Puppy/Kitten Over 4 Months

$10.00 ea.

Other Domestic Animal (rabbit, bird, etc.)


Owner Requested Euthanasia Under 40lbs.


Owner Requested Euthanasia 40lbs – 100lbs.


Owner Requested Euthanasia over 100lbs.