Welcome to TextMyGov

How does it work?

Step 1: Text your question/request for the county to the specified TextMyGov phone number. Keyword Texting Examples: Pay Bi-County, Office Hours, Report, Animal Control, County Parks and Recreation, FAQ, Contact.

Step 2: TextMyGov's smart texting technology identifies keywords to instantly provide a response.

Step 3: Engage with TextMyGov until finished. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, TextMyGov can provide various types of responses such as: Receive a quick answer to your question. For information that can be found on your county's website, links will be provided to direct you to the correct place. When reporting an issue to the county, TextMyGov will guide you through a series of steps that allow you to submit all the necessary info and even allow you to upload a picture. TextMyGov assists at any time, day or night.

Agency benefits with TextMyGov

Boost resident engagement and save time. TextMyGov is the most affordable and simplest way for us to communicate with residents.

Reduce Phone Calls: TextMyGov saves time by assisting the community for you. Residents can quickly find the information they seek, eliminating the need to call the county.

Send Text Alerts: Keep the community informed with important updates. Residents can opt-in and choose different types of notifications to receive sent out by your agency.

Track Citizen Requests: TextMyGov uses smart texting technology to track and record all the information that is sent in. Agencies can track the cell phone number, date, and time of every request.

Modernize Communication: Stay up to date with communication trends. Allow residents to find, search, and report information using their mobile phone text messaging service.

Boost Website Traffic: Maximize your county website. TextMyGov looks for keywords to direct residents to links on the county's website.

Resident benefits from TextMyGov

Boost citizen engagement and save time. TextMyGov is the most affordable and simplest way for cities and counties to communicate with citizens.

Simple Communication: Using a mobile phone's regular messaging service allows anyone to quickly find links, documents, or text that answers their questions. - No app downloads are required!

Available Anytime: Smart texting technology works around the clock to assist residents anytime day or night.

Access Anywhere: Empower residents to connect to the county from anywhere. Text messaging allows residents to engage with the community efficiently, saving a trip to the office or waiting on hold.