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Marriage Index

What is the Montgomery County Marriage Index?

Montgomery County was formed from old Tennessee County in 1796 when Tennessee became a state. Beginning in 1838, county clerks were required to keep the marriage records in bound books. In Montgomery County there is only one marriage record surviving prior to 1838.

This is an every name index to marriages in Montgomery County beginning with Book 1 (1838-1845). Although “under construction,” this list now includes the official marriages from Book 1, the bride and groom index through 1929 (Book 52), and also entries from four other sources; when completed this index will include marriages through 1953.

  • “Early Marriage Records Compiled from Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennessee Newspapers” by Richard and Bristol Gannaway found in their book Obituaries Compiled From Clarksville Newspapers, Volume 1.
  • Mrs. Louise D. Townley’s listing of Montgomery County Loose Marriages and donated by Mrs. Ursula S. Beach, former county historian.
  • “Early Montgomery County Marriages” contributed by Mrs. Edythe Rucker Whitley which appeared in the Montgomery County Genealogical Journal, Volume IV, #1, September 1974.
  • “Proof of Early Montgomery County, Tennessee Marriages Prior to 1838” compiled by the Montgomery County Archives from various records.

Entries from these four lists are indicated in the comments column.

This index includes the surname and given name of the individual, title, race, role, record date, book and page number and any explanatory comments. The record date is the date of the marriage as stated by the official. If there was ‘no return’ of the record, it is so stated in the comments. This does not necessarily mean the couple did not marry, only that the license was not returned to the clerk. The date given will be the date of the bond.

Abbreviations used include:

JPJustice of the Peace
L. Elder or L.E.Lay Elder
M.E.Methodist Episcopal
MGMinister of the Gospel
VDMVerbi Dei Minister (Latin, Minister of the Word of God)

Although we have tried to be as accurate as possible, there may be errors in reading the various clerks’ handwriting. If you can identify someone we have misnamed, please let us know.

Marriages from both the bound marriage books and loose records have been microfilmed. There are no loose records for marriages prior to 1866. Copies are available from the Montgomery County Archives. Please read the Research & Records Requests section before requesting records.