Lost and Found Pets

Montgomery County Animal Care and Control is dedicated to making every attempt to reunite pets with their owners.  In doing so, we strongly encourage all pet owners to have their pet Microchipped at their local vet, humane society, or our shelter.  Only 13% of pets are ever reunited with their owners in communities that do not require microchipping.  Beginning this September, MCACC will require all adopted and reclaimed Dogs and Cats to be microchipped.  This will aid finders of lost pets and our shelter to scan your pet for a Microchip and make every effort to return your pet in the field.  We also strongly encourage owners of lost pets to come to the Shelter to see if your pet is possible in our stray areas, post to social media with a photo of your pet, reach out to friends, neighbors, and post signs in your neighborhood.

We also encourage finders of lost pets to contact MCACC to report a found pet and to either call to have the pet picked up by one of our officers or bring them into the shelter.  As the finder, if you choose to hold the lost pet until an owner can be found, we ask that you post to social media, lost and found networks, vets offices, and file a Found Pet Report below.

File a Lost Pet Report (Montgomery County Animal Care and Control)

File a Found Pet Report (Montgomery County Animal Care and Control)

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Finding Rover (Pet Facial Recognition Lost and Found Pet Network)

Lost Pets USA (Lost and Found Pet Network)

Helping Lost Pets (Interactive map site showing where pets have been lost and found)

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