Community Cats

Community cats are cats that are essential owned by the wild or are semi-owned by a caretaker, which means, that the cat may be cared for by people, but no one actually claims ownership of the cat. Most community cats reside within a residential neighborhood often as part of a cat colony made up of several cats that live together in that area. We often see these type of cats enter our facility as strays due to the community trapping them or picking them up thinking they are someone’s lost pet. Many of these cats are feral (wild), semi-feral, or friendly and in most instances, are not spayed or neutered.

Never attempt to pick up a feral cat they are often aggressive and cat bite and claw before running off.

We strongly encourage folks not to trap these cats unless you are planning to have the cat spayed/neutered and return it to its home location.

We also strongly discourage folks from picking up litters of kittens found in the wild, in most instances the mother is nearby hunting and normally does not stay with her kittens. By removing kittens from this environment puts them at great risk of not surviving.

Trap - Neuter - Return

Montgomery County fully supports the TNR in our community. By participating in our TNR program, allows our community to help reduce our feral cat population in a productive and humane method. If you would like to participate in our TNR program or be part of a TNR group, please contact our shelter or one of the groups listed below.

Working Cats

Having rodent issues around your business or farm? We have the cheapest and safest way you can reduce and eliminate rodents in and around your business. Participating in the Working Cats program is easy, simply contact us and express interest in having a Working Cat on your property. In turn you agree to provide basic food, water, and shelter for the cat while it is on your property. We will spay/neuter the cat and microchip the cat. If you need more than one cat, we can help with that as well. Or Barn Cats are also an easy and low cost way eliminating rodents on your property.


Montgomery County Animal Care and Control is dedicated to assisting with our community cat program by assisting many of our local TNR groups with the cost of spaying and neutering our community cats. In return our TNR groups and caretakers agree to transport those cats to and from the vet and monitor those areas.