Montgomery County Property Appraisal and Assessment Data Inquiry

This website offers you access to basic information within our computer assisted mass appraisal system. The information pertains to real property parcels which are classified, appraised and assessed by the Office of the Montgomery County Assessor of Property.

The data on this site is updated as new assessments are published to notify the owners of the values established by this office, and as a general rule, this process occurs every Friday.

To help you understand the process: the Assessor of Property Office inventories all parcels of real property within Montgomery County boundaries. Appraisers on our staff inspect each parcel to determine the characteristics, conditions and use of the property. Tennessee law provides for parcels to be classified according to their use as Farm, Residential, Commercial-Industrial, Utility or Exempt, or, if there is a mixed use, a combination of those classifications.

In Tennessee, the State appraises and assesses Utility property and determines whether a property qualifies to be Exempt from property taxes. The local assessor offices appraise and assess Farm, Residential, and Commercial-Industrial Property, under guidelines established by the State. The results are in turn examined by the State to ensure compliance.

An appraisal represents our best estimate of market value of a parcel. An assessment represents the appraisal multiplied by the percentage established by state law for each classification -- Commercial-Industrial at 40%; Farm and Residential, 25%.

A more complete explanation of processes is available on the Assessor's website. This includes information on the five-year reappraisal cycle, how to compute your property taxes, and the calendar for property assessment.

Please keep in mind that much of the information in our files is provided by other official sources, such as the Regional Planning Commission, Register of Deeds Office, Department of Building and Codes and other agencies of local and state government. Generally, there is a delay in receiving data from these entities on some transactions, such as conveyance of ownership by sale or subdivision of a parcel, because they must process and verify that data first. We endeavor to keep information as current as possible, when it is made available to us.

Navigating through this website is relatively simple. You can search for parcel information by owner, address, subdivision, lot number or parcel id number. Help for navigating through the search function is available on the various search pages.

Once you select a parcel to review, you will be presented with the detailed information related to that parcel. If you need to contact our office, you may utilize our online contact page. Our office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on holidays. Our phone number is: 931-648-5709.