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Hotel/Motel Tax

Hotel/Motel Reporting

The Montgomery County Trustee is charged with the responsibility of collecting Hotel/Motel occupancy taxes for Montgomery County.  It is the responsibility of each Hotel/Motel Owner/Manager to report and pay to the Trustee’s Office each month their Hotel/Motel taxes.

  • The Hotel/Motel Tax Report Form and payment deadline is the 20th day of each month following the collection month.  After that date, interest and penalty each begin at a rate of 12% per annum for both interest and penalty (see line 6 for interest and line 7 for penalty).  You may contact the Trustee’s Office to assist you in computing the interest and penalty.
  • If you have a 30-Day Occupant, you will need to complete a 30-Day Occupant Spreadsheet.  A 30-Day Occupant is defined as a tenant who occupied room space for thirty or more continuous days; that person is not required to pay the tax after the thirtieth day.  The 30-Day Occupant Spreadsheet needs to be completed every month ONLY if you have 30-Day Occupants.  Please fill the required information on the spreadsheet ONLY if you have 30-Day Occupants and submit the completed form along with your Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax Report Form, proof of the 30 day Occupants and payment to the Montgomery County Trustee’s Office. 
  • Lodging/occupancy tax reports/returns are subject to audit by the Montgomery County Trustee’s Office at any time.  Please have your Tennessee sales tax reports and Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax Reports at your business site, as audits may be unannounced.
  • Contact the Montgomery County Trustee’s Office at 931-648-5717 for any questions regarding Hotel/Motel Taxes.

Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax Report Form - August 7, 2018 Revision

Resolution to ratify Chapter NO. 167 of The Private Acts of 1979