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All clear.

All Clear.

Montgomery County Workhouse

The inmate work program allows non-violent offenders who have been sentenced for misdemeanor crimes to serve their time productively. Up to 144 male inmates may be held at the Montgomery County Workhouse, many of whom report for confinement Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

Some inmates assigned to the Workhouse have the opportunity to work off a portion of their sentence by working with a litter abatement crew. This is a funded project that allows inmates to contribute to the community during their confinement by clearing the right-of-way and pick up litter along county roads.

In 2012, Workhouse inmates workded 22,694 houss and cleared 77.25 tons of trash off of Montgomery County roads and land.   






                                                                                                                        Sergeant Melissa Collins

Sergeant Melissa Collins

Shift Supervisor
1221 Highway Drive
(931) 648-0615

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