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Beware of Juror Scams!

Juror Scams are running rampant in Montgomery County! If you get a phone call from a person identifying themselves to be a Lieutenant from the Criminal Warrants Division of the Sheriff's Department and they tell you that you have failed to appear for jury duty; and that they have a warrant for your arrest...........DO NOT GO BUY A GREEN DOT CARD FROM WALGREENS AND SEND THEM $400.00 OR SO AS THEY WILL INSTRUCT YOU TO DO!!! You would never be asked to pay money or a fine for failing to appear for jury duty unless a judge found you in contempt.....and you would have to appear in court first! This is an ongoing scam and they are getting money from some people! The scammers even have a phone system set up to sound just like the Sheriff's Office automated phone system should you call the number back. The number traces back to a Verizon cell phone out of Crossville. If you have any questions concerning jury service, call the Circuit Court Clerk's Office at 931-648-5700.