Information Technology

Information Technology
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Business Applications

Information Technology application management and databse management services provide in-house experienced staff to assit department in making custom software and database decisions.

Services provided include:

  • Custom applications
  • Electronic document management
  • Technology consultation
  • Database services and implementation

Database Services

Information Technology provides SQL Server 2005 databases to support departmental business and applications.

E-mail Services

Information Technology provides access to e-mail through Microsoft Outlook, secure Web-based e-mail (future) and through mobile devices.

Departments receive:

  • E-mail, calendar and public folders
  • Spam control and anti-virus protection for e-mails
  • User setup, maintenance and software updates
  • Secure access to e-mail and calendars
  • Robust technical support

Help Desk

The Information Technology Help Desk provides technical assistance and support to all County employees and limited support to non-County users, serving as a central contact resource for assistance with technology issues and questions.

Typical problems/requests include:

  • Password resets
  • Inoperable hardware/software
  • New employee setup
  • Terminating/transferring employee

Network Support/Security


Information Technology builds and supports an enterprise network infrastructure, providing connectivity to all County departments and agencies.

Services provided include:

  • Technical support and service coordination
  • Copper installation
  • WAN connectivity
  • Network monitoring and redundancy
  • Remote access
  • Network design services


Information Technology manages personal and network computer security, providing reliable network conenctions with minimal risk of virus attacks and spam.

Services provided include:

  • Anti-virus
  • Remote access/VPN
  • Barracuda spam reporting


IT provides a full range of voice communication services, including a voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone system, mobile phone support and some analog POTS lines.