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Information Technology
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The IT Department provides project management and oversight of technology projects for most county departments, offices and agencies. These projects include software development, audio/video, infrastructure, computer deployments, hardware implementation and much more.

Projects for 2012

  • Wireless implementation

Projects completed/pending during FY11

  • County Commission live video streaming system
  • Building and Codes Permits and Codes Enforcement system
  • Magistrate video surveillance and recording system
  • Civic Hall video surveillance and recording system
  • Network infrastructure at Cumberland Heights complex
  • Juvenile courts HTE implementation
  • Data center virtualization
  • Courtroom audio system upgrade

Projects completed during FY09 and FY10

  • Civic Hall audio-visual system
  • Historic Courthouse conference room audio-visual systems
  • Trustee's Office MUNIS application
  • Electronic timesheets, online applicant tracking and employment system
  • Electronic document management system (paperless initiative)