Montgomery County Diversity Training

Diversity: Is a culture within the workplace that includes but not limited to employees of different genders, age, sexual orientation, religions, languages, abilities, professional background, socioeconomic background, and educational backgrounds.

Equity: In a workplace is the fair treatment for all employee's. Making employee's feel empowered and leveling the playing field, where everyone is treated the same in terms of consequences and rewards.

Inclusion: Is a work environment that makes every employee feel valued while also acknowledging their differences and how they contribute to the organization's culture and business outcome.

Who is responsible for DE&I: Everyone is responsible for the fair treatment of all individuals regardless of race, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation and cultural background.



Through engaging and inspiring relations we will achieve a conscious workforce armed with skills and talents that lead, motivate, change and maximize human potential, one employee at a time.


Being committed to transforming our government and workforce into an environment where people are valued for their individual uniqueness and are confident that their contributions matter.


Leadership, we listen to learn from our community, small business partnerships and government employees.

                                                                                  We Are Stronger And Better Together!


Diversity Officer