Montgomery County Diversity Training

The Diversity and Training Officer is responsible for recognizing, creating and implementing plans to promote diversity within the organization and community. A significant part of the role is promoting and developing training programs to enhance employee understanding on diversity and inclusion. Duties include the creation and promotion of diversity-oriented events, minority and protected class inclusion programs and cross-cultural workshops promoting inclusiveness and ensuring continued compliance with government regulations. The diversity and training officer acts as a Human Resource regulator for diversity issues and are tasked with ensuring the organization follows appropriate legislation and employment law regulation around equal opportunity and affirmative action regulations, as well as common non-discrimination policy.

Other duties and responsibilities include:

  • Organizing disability services and corresponding affected areas i.e. recruitment
  • Supporting and guiding the recruitment team to help create a brand that appeals to diverse applicants and removes bias
  • Identifying external trends and recognizing best practice which will increase diversity among the workforce
  • Maintaining relationships with diversity related businesses, with the intention of working together and improving cultural relationships
  • Preparing and building relationships among colleagues through diversity and inclusion training
  • Reviewing the organizations workplace, policies and procedures, ensuring that these are all inclusive

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