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MoCo Plastic Free



Go plastic bag free on May 18th for a chance to win a prize. Use hashtag #MoCoPlasticFree2019 to submit photos on the event day. In order to be eligible to win, your photos must show you using reusable bags or going bagless. We will also accept photos that show you returning plastic bags to stores for recycling. 

Did you know?

  • Every second, 160,000 plastic bags are used around the world. On average each bag is used for only 12 minutes.
  • Americans throw away 100 billion plastic bags annually. thats about 307 bags per person.
  • Even if you throw your plastic bag away in the trash it may still become litter. When the wind blows the bags at the landfill take flight. It takes 4 Bi-County employees 3 hours to pick up the stray bags after a wind storm. 
  • The amount of petroleum it takes to make 1 plastic bag could drive a car 36 feet.

How do I recycle plastic bags?

Single use plastic bags cannot be recyled. Please do not put them in the plastic recycling containers located at the County Convenience Centers. Plastic grocery bags can only be recycled by returning them to stores. There are multiple stroes throughout the community that accept bags (i.e. Walmart, Kroger, Food Lion, Publix, Lowes, etc.). The recycle container is usually located near the front door or by customer service. 

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