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Green Certification Program

CMC Green Certification Program
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Green Accomplishments

* Bi-County Solid Waste Management experienced a 350 ton increase in recycling from mid 2011 to mid 2012 because of organizations like those involved in the Green Certification Program, educational programs in the schools, and other community outreach programs

* In 2012 businesses diverted over 80,000 bottles of water from the landfill. By 2015, more than 300,000 plastic bottles were diverted from the landfill.
* More than 120 organizations with employees representing over 14,000 households are working to reduce waste in energy, water and solid waste.

* To see highlights of what some of the Green Certified businesses have done, check out this PowerPoint.

* In 2015, Clarksville-Montgomery County was recognized by TVA as a Silver Sustainable Community.