The County Commission Meeting on August 1 will be held at 7 p.m. due to a conflict with another meeting. All other commission meetings are regularly scheuled for 6 p.m.



Event Calendar Documents

Agricultural Extension Committee
    Airport Authority
      Animal Control
        Audit Committee
          Beer Board
              Budget Committee
              Committee on Investment
                Courts Center Committee
                  Courts Security Committee
                    Delinquent Tax Sales and Release Committee
                      EMS Committee
                        Health Council
                          Jail & Juvenile Committee
                            Legislative Liaison Committee
                              Loss Control Committee
                                New folder
                                  Nominating Committee
                                    Parks Committee
                                      Personnel Advisory
                                      Public Records Committee
                                        Purchasing Committee
                                          Regional Planning Commission
                                          Rules Committee
                                            School System
                                            Veterans Service Organization

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                                              Title VI Committee

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