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Election Commission

Elected Officials

Meeting Dates and Times

The City Council meets informally on the Monday prior to the first Thursday of each month at 4:30 p.m.

Permanent Absentee Voters

Voters who are unable to vote in person due to medical disability may request to be permanent absentee voters.

Military & US Citizens Outside the Country

Military and US citizens outside the country who are residents of the state of Tennessee (Guidelines for Determining Resi

Absentee Voting By Mail

If a registered voter is unable to vote in person either at the Election Commission during early voting or at his/her polling precinct on election day, he/she may vote by mail.

Early Voting

Early voting allows registered voters to cast their ballots before Election Day. Early voting adds ease and convenience to the voting process by:

Voter Registration Drives

A Voter Registration Drive is an effort by a person or a group to locate and register to vote those who are eligible but are not yet registered.