As of 9:34 AM today June 20th, Montgomery County Government is currently experiencing a phone outage affecting inbound and outbound calling across all departments. We are working quickly towards a repair but currently do not have an ETA for services being restored at the moment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding in this matter.


E-911 Center

Location and Directions

Montgomery County E-911 Center is located at 130 South First Street, Clarksville.


Applications for employment with the Montgomery County E-911 Center are accepted only when current openings are posted.

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Montgomery County E911 has an extensive training program for newly hired employees.

Calling 911

Caller dialing 911

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The Montgomery County E-911 Center is overseen and managed by the local 911 Emergency Communication District Board.

About Us

911 Call Center Floor

The floor of the 911 Center

The city of Clarksville maintains 3 dispatch consoles for the Police Dept, 1 Fire/Rescue console, and a console for their NCIC terminal.


Today the emergency communication business is more technologically advanced than ever before. Radio communication systems are more complex and elaborate.

Welcome to the E-911 Center

Montgomery County Emergency Operations Center

Our Mission

We the Telecommunicators of Clarksville-Montgomery County E911 Center are the initial first responders.