Bi-County Solid Waste Management

Bi-County Solid Waste Management
3212 Dover Road
Woodlawn, Tennessee 37191
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Main Office: (931) 648-5751
Scale Office: (931) 553-5190
User Fee Inquiries: (931) 920-1805
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Technical Information

Landfill Life

A land swap was completed in May of 2008 that gives Bi-County over 100 years of landfill life.


Bi-County sits on over 550 acres of land. Seventy-five (75) acres is closed and fifty-three (53) is currently being used. New sections were opened in 2007. A new liner system is being constructed for use this winter.

Liner System

Two foot thick re-compacted clay liner, meeting strict standards, overlain with a 60 milliliter Flexible Membrane Liner, made of HDPE plastic, with a leachate (liquids) collection system. All leachate is collected and transported off site for treatment and disposal at a permitted aqueous waste treatment facility. Pilot tests are being done on leachate to clean it up to a point where it can be used to spray irrigate.

Ground Water Monitoring

Ground water monitoring wells are placed strategically around the site. Background tests were done and now semi-annual tests are being conducted. A voluntary monitoring program is being done at a closed section on our site.

Gas Monitoring

Quarterly monitoring is done over the entire site in addition to strategically placed monitoring probes throughout the site.