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Bi-County Strategic Plan


Montgomery County and Stewart County formed a Solid Waste Authority in 1974. This foresight has lead to one of the best-run facilities in the United States. Known world-wide, Bi-County continues to operate an environmentally sound Class I Landfill, which meets or exceeds all of the Federal and State solid waste regulations. Bi-County was the first government run landfill in Tennessee to meet the new Subtitle D regulations for solid waste.

Bi-County sets on over 556 acres of land. Seventy-five (75) acres is closed and fifty-three (53) are currently being filled. These fifty-three (53) acres will be filled and closed in 2010. Construction and demolition material started being placed over the seventy-five (75) acres after Clarksville’s tornado of January 22, 1999. An off-site construction and demolition landfill was started in 2006 with 5 million yards of space. A land swap was completed in 2007 with Fort Campbell that gave Bi-County approximately 356 acres and over 100 years of life. Extensive environmental assessments were made to insure that the land was suitable for a landfill and that no endangered plant or animal species were disturbed.

A seven member board governs the Bi-County Solid Waste Management System.

Bi-County employs three people who are certified to operate a landfill. The director is a certified manager of landfill operations and is designated as a landfill specialist.

In September 2008, Bi-County started using compactors to compact trash in the balefill. Bi-County also has two Harris Refuse Balers that are used in the recycle program. The recycle program has increased from almost ten tons per month to now over 1,200 tons per month.

In May of 2006 Bi county opened the Construction and Demolition Landfill near exit 4 of Interstate 24. This site is for commercial use only. They hold Household hazardous waste days twice a year and have record collections throughout the state!


Wastes accepted include household waste, yard waste, construction/demolition debris, domestic sewage sludge, uncontaminated packaging material, asbestos, tires that are off of the rims, non-hazardous special waste (by approval only), latex paint and electronic waste.

Each year Bi-county along with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation sponsor one or two Household Hazardous Waste collection events in Montgomery County and one event in Stewart County.

Bi-County offers free waste audits to businesses and industries. Also, free solid waste and recycling education programs are offered to the public, businesses and civic groups. Bi-County has a highly recognized education program that has helped increase recycling. Recycling has helped keep the user fee at the same rate for over 13 years. Bi-County works with Montgomery County School System providing educational programs and collecting recycles. Revenue collected from recycles and savings from the diverted waste amounts to over $10,000 per year for the school system.

Recycle drop off and waste drop off can be done at any of our many centers in Montgomery County and Stewart County. There are currently 11 locations in Montgomery County operated by Bi-County. All acceptable wood waste is ground in a tub grinder and sold as an alternative fuel.

On site removal of freon from refrigerated units by a certified technician.

Bi-County’s strength is in its people. Bi-County employs 60 full-time and 35 part-time employees. They know their jobs and do them well. Their service to the community goes further than their job here at Bi-County.

All persons are trained and certified on the equipment they operate. This allows them to operate efficiently and safely. All departments conduct monthly safety meetings to insure their safety and the safety of the public.

Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

To advance the practice of economically and environmentally sound waste management practices in our community.

Issue Statements

  • Population growth in Montgomery County will result in an increase in volume of waste going to our landfill. County Government is challenged to decrease the amount of recyclable materials going into the landfill.
  • With sharply rising material and fuel costs as well as operating and maintenance costs and strong competition for waste streams (revenue), Bi-County is continually challenged to operate efficiently to keep costs down.

Goal Statements

  • By July 2010, the Bi-County Solid Waste Department Executive Director (in cooperation with all parts of the community) will help reduce per capita solid waste generation below the national average of 5.0 lbs. per person per day.
  • Through June 30, 2010, the Bi-County Solid Waste Department Executive Director will not increase the user fee it currently charges its residents, by continuing to increase recycling, efficiently managing operations and by studying and implementing different modes of operation.
  • The Executive Director of Bi-County Solid Waste Department will keep rates competitive enough to keep waste flow at levels that will generate enough revenue to run operation with no tax dollars.

Program Structure

  • Landfill Operating and Maintenance Program
  • Recycling Program

Landfill Operating and Maintenance Program

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Landfill Operating and Maintenance Program is to provide integrated solid waste disposal services to public and private entities so they can dispose of their waste in an economically and environmentally sound facility.

Performance Measures


  • Maintain 4.5 pounds per person or less per day generated (Goal: 1)
  • Percent of required revenue received from user fees (Goal: 2)
  • Percent of waste received and charged a tipping fee for (Goal: 3)


  • Tons of waste divided by population total divided by 365 days (Goal: 1)
  • Revenues received from user fees (Goal: 2)
  • Revenue received from tipping fees (Goal: 3)


  • Number of tons received from Montgomery County (Goal: 1)
  • Number of people in Montgomery County (Goal: 2)
  • Number of tons received from outside Montgomery County (Goal: 3)


  • Reduction of solid waste going into the landfill (Goal: 1)
  • Revenue budgeted compared to revenue received monthly and YTD (Goal: 2)
  • Cost per ton of waste received (Goal: 3)

Recycling Program

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Recycling Program is to provide recycling collection, information, education and brokering services to public and private entities so they can conveniently recycle and help save natural resources, thus extending the life of the landfill and generates a revenue stream.

Performance Measures


  • Percent of Montgomery County households and businesses that are recycling (Goal: 1)
  • Percent of waste stream that is recycled and/or diverted from the landfill (Goal: 2)
  • Percent of recyclables brokered (Goal: 2)
  • Percent of Montgomery County population reached through recycling education programs (Goals: 1,2,3)


  • Number of Montgomery County households and businesses that recycle (Goal: 1)
  • Number of tons recycled and/or diverted (Goal: 1)
  • Number of tons of recyclables brokered (Goal: 2)
  • Revenue received from recycling (Goal: 3)


  • Number of Montgomery County households and businesses (Goal: 1)
  • Number of tons of solid waste produced (Goal: 3)
  • Number of tons of recyclables collected (Goals: 1,2)
  • Number of Montgomery County residents (Goals: 1,2)


  • Revenues received from sale of recycles (Goals: 1,2,3)
  • Expenditures for recycling (Goals: 2,3)