Animal Control Strategic Plan


Montgomery County is the 7th largest county containing the 5th largest city in Tennessee and has a population of approximately 165,000. With this in mind, we have a 6,600 SF shelter containing 43 kennels. During 2008-09, 2,940 animals were given by their owners to Animal Control, 1,213 animals were brought in as strays and officers impounded 2,068 animals while responding to complaints. The department responded to 6,023 complaints driving 58,043 miles. Animal Control has three main points of focus: to educate and enforce animal control laws, to control the stray animal population and to reduce the animal bite cases.

Personnel employed by MCAC are skilled professionals. Animal Control Officers receive extensive training on all aspects of animal control, i.e. state laws, animal behavior, investigative techniques, public education and assistance. Animal control consists of one director, one dispatcher/clerical and six animal control officers (ACO).

MCAC is open Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (adoption only from 3pm. to 7pm.). The department provides an on-call officer for emergency situations.

Mission Statement

The mission of Montgomery County Animal Services is to promote and enforce the humane treatment of the animal population. We are dedicated to rabies eradication, reducing animal euthanasia, and controlling the pet population through a cooperative effort with the community.

Issue Statements

The growing Montgomery County pet population results in:

  • An increasing number of complaints reported to the Animal Services Department (dependent upon deployments, weather and population)
  • Growing population of stray and abandoned animals housed at the Animal Shelter
  • Increasing safety risks associated with aggressive breeds
  • Lack of personnel to adequately operate the shelter and respond to animal complaints.

Montgomery County citizens are increasingly concerned about animal welfare, challenging the Animal Services Department to find alternatives to euthanizing stray and abandoned animals.

Services Provided

Montgomery County Animal Services (MCAS) serves all of Montgomery County (584 square miles), including Clarksville. The department renders public service providing for the health, safety and welfare of the community in regards to the animal population. MCAS is also the Rabies Control Authority for Montgomery County.

  • Provide service to the citizens, while enforcing Tennessee state laws and local resolutions as related to animals
  • Respond to citizen complaints regarding animal welfare
  • Impound stray, nuisance and surrendered animals
  • Euthanize homeless, unwanted, sick and injured animals
  • Provide an adoption program in an effort to reduce animal euthanasia
  • Identification and return of lost pets
  • Quarantine of biting animals for rabies observation
  • Provide traps for nuisance animals
  • Humane education and pet care information provided to the community
  • On-call officer for emergency situations, i.e. stray bite cases, vicious animals at large, accidents involving animals, DUI involving animals